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Amen. Synopsis

The world’s most famous prayer, the Lord’s Prayer is the one you know best and say most often. But is it YOUR prayer? Is it one you say routinely because it’s routine, or do you say it repeatedly because God repeatedly speaks to you through the words Jesus taught? Devoting a full chapter to each line of the Lord’s Prayer, John VanDuzer delves deeply into the text he knows by heart and by the end of ‘Amen’ its words are written on HIS heart. Earnest and enthusiastic, John wrestles with the text like Jacob wrestled with God. Reading his book, you will do the same. As a result, the greatest prayer will be an even greater blessing because it will have become just as personal for you. Reading these short stories, it’s John’s hope that the Lord’s Prayer will become YOUR prayer, too.


LOONIE: Crazy Talk About Faith and Finances Synopsis

For those of us fortunate enough to even wonder or worry about wealth, being rich isn’t a matter of money; it’s an attitude. Make no mistake, we are the richest people on earth. In fact, we are the richest people of all time. Today, we have the unique opportunity to live richly as never before. Are you going to live a richer life — a more generous life? You’ve been given a great life. How will you spend it?


WISHART Synopsis

advertising / branding / creative / design

We are wishart and we are creating the greater good. As a boutique agency, we’re purposefully small. But make no mistake, our creative has huge impact: We’ve helped Canadian charities raise well over one billion dollars. This is our book; our highly prized art collection. If you believe that great art appreciates in value, we would appreciate hearing from you.